Sunday, November 29, 2009

busy, busy, busy

Well, I have been here - just not in the doll making mode. 8 girls got together with another friend (an honorary girls 9&10..hahaha). We made day of the dead faces with fabric and paper. I made mine with felt and hand stitched everything. The others used a combination of both mediums and machine stitched and "quilted" theirs - they ALL turned out really neat. Mine has sequins and french knots for texture, plus the hand stitching. I like it and it hangs in the Happy Place so I can see it when at my sewing machine.
Now, if you want to try something REALLY fun and freeing - you HAVE TO check out Teesha Moore's videos on youtube and her blog (link is on my blog to the right). She has tutorials of EVERYTHING she does on her art journal pages - and even shows you how to make the book!!!!!!!!!! It is so awesome. Can I say enough good things about it??? I started a book and will be doing another one with 8 girls - so you will see some crazy stuff I am sure. We will be doing pages in each others books. But for now - Book 1 is mine only and I have the cover and page 1 posted. the cover is pink with the blackbirds, page 1 is the crazy looking girl on the green page. Honestly - it is so much fun. I really have to limit myself or I will do this only.
Lastly, my poor Finn- he is not done yet, but it has been brought to my attention that I have not posted in a long time - so I decided to show you him -even though he is not done yet. I have just not been in the mood to make dolls and have so much to make for people - thank god, not for christmas gifts..... So here he is - I LOVE his sweet little face and such a cute profile.
Hopefully, I will have more completed stuff to post, soon.