Thursday, February 24, 2011

monster high

Meet Laguna Blue and Frankie Stein. OMG -have you seen these dolls? They are too cool - they are little bjd-type dolls. I HAD to have them after one of the 8 girls got some. Here they are checking out the compter and hanging out for a night of girl talk. Frankie has a little dog creature named Watzit and Lagoona has a pet piranha named Neptuna. They are really fun, colorful and delicate. I have not bought a doll from a store in years and years - it was so fun to find them yesterday - at KMart! yep! KMart! I think they may visit the blog on occasion - in the mean time - I just wanted to show them off.... feel like a kid again. Funny - I used to "play" with dolls alot - I have been "making" them for so long - I forgot what it was like to play like that.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

round robin

Time for dolls (Akron doll club) had their meeting today. We are doing a round robin doll. Here is what I made to pass around. We had to include fabrics, trims, etc that you wanted incorporated on the doll. We picked names and took home that person's doll. We have to decorate the legs this month. Next meeting it will be to another person and another part will be done. I will post the legs of the doll I was assigned, when the decorating is done.

my girls

here are my girls Cloe & Olivia on the bed, Olivia hanging out and Nellie relaxing. Most family and friends have never seen Cloe, so this is cool - not to mention both cats are together - usually they are not.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

what i'm up to - part 3 of 3

OK - here is the last part with photos of latest projects. 8 girls has been up to lots - we picked names and had to make an angel for that person. Any type of angel that pertained to that person. I made the purple one. My friend loves purple, so that is where the color is from - the wings are made of window screen -pretty cool. There are 4 layers cut and sewed to her. I stitched thru her and attached with the fancy buttons. I love her - she is small about 11-12 inces tall. I received the coolest one- the blue assembledge angel. How cool is this?! I think it is awesome. LOVE the dominoes and scrabble letters - there are watch parts, springs and an old ruler (that part is on the back). Love the optical lenses too. There is a photo of all 4 angels - they all turned out so amazing - and you can totally tell who made which one. Funny how we all have our individual styles. I love them.
We all took a class last year with Ingrid Dijkers- thru the rabbit hole. It was a wood covered book with holes cut out of each page gradually getting smaller - as to looking down a hole. We made our own versions = they are about 5'x9". We received a list of prompts from Ingrid and we are choosing 2 for each month. We decorate front & back of each page. They are all very different (styles, artwork etc). I love the old watch face and dial I glued to mine. Scrapbook paper, stamps and decorative tape pull mine all together. Pretty cool...
Hope you enjoyed the photos and catching up- hope to have more for you in the near future.

what i'm up to - part 2 of 3

The black/white & green doll did not fit on the last post- here are the photos of that doll and the doll I received after they were mixed up - this was for No Rules. We had our last get together in December. This particular project was a year late in completion, only because we all had other projects brewing and it kept getting pushed back. I think they turned out really neat. I did not get a group photo of them. We are no longer meeting due to schedules for 2 of us. 2 of us work full time and 2 of us are so very fortunate to not have to work (outside of the home). The 2 of us that do work were spread too thin, with other doll groups , work and my moving further away. I miss our times together, but am able to see all parties at different meetings for different groups.

The doll with the dark hair is what I received when all parts were mixed up.

WOW..... I went to Radio Shack yesterday to get a cable for the camera to the computer - turns out I have a card reader IN MY NEW computer! Thank you Radio Shack guy for showing that to me! So - I am FINALLY back in business here. I have posted a few photos of the things I have been up to.

The funky little dolls that I made with 8 girls were a hit with (2) other groups I am in. I have the dolls that I made - the green/Black & white one and the Orange and green one. They sure are fun to make. I have posted photos of the trade with the orange & green doll - before all dolls were mixed up and after they were mixed up.