Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mick is done

I finished the Sprite doll - on Saturday night. I have been in a real slump since I returned and had spent the day with my friend Mickey. We met for breakfast and talked for hours- then picked out fabrics for our doll class in October and had the best day. I needed that. I was inspired to get back to work and here he is. I named him Mick after her because she got me out of the dumps. I am really happy with him.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back from MMM

I have the MMM dolls attached - they are all still a work in progress - but not too much to finish most of them. It was an amazing experience to learn from these 3 doll maker/artists. Arley was wonderful and I learned SO much about costuming - Pam was good, but it really was a 2 day class - we worked on that elf/sprite for a couple hours the night before the class, all day in class and a couple hours the following night after classes - but her techniques are something else! I MUST practice this until I get it right - really cool. Allison was a great teacher too -the princess needs alot of work yet - but will be beautiful when she is done. Colleen Babcock taught a face class - that is the little "stump" person- she is a GREAT teacher and I can only hope that I can take a full doll class with her some day - she makes darling little people.
I am so glad I took this week off too, so I can try to finish up these dolls - Heck - I still have one from last year's MMM that I never finished - I hope that will be done for Halloween too -she was a great witch. I will be back when more is done- hope you like what I have so far.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

MMM - 2009

Well, I am about as ready as I will ever be. I will be headed off to MMM in Richmond KY for doll classes, soon. I have attached photos of all my pre-work and the fabrics and trims. It is going to be something else. Anne Hesse heads this up every year and it is called magic, mischief and mayhem (or mmm). Teachers come from the US and outside of the US to teach. This year Arley Berryhill, Pam Grose and Allison Marano are coming in - and Colleen Babcock is coming to take classes, but will be teaching a pin cushion to us. The pictures are as follows:
Peacock doll - Tall standing up doll- colors are pinks and greens -
Candlestick doll - 1/2 doll mounted to the candle stick - this will be in bright pinks, greens, oranges and black (kind of a naughty cirque de sole' theme)light brown/reddish hair
Sprite (elf)- dark purple velvet with bright greens, oranges and yellow trims (this is the only one we did not have to make the doll for - It will be wire armature wrapped with batting and fabrics - the head will be stuffed and painted in class.)
Pin cushion- funny little colorful thing with the hat and the light blue shoulder bag (we will be learning the face in class)
I am so relieved to have it all together. I will need a trailer to get everything out there! I am going wiht Georgia from High on Dolls. If you go to anne hesse's website, you can see the dolls we will be making- I have had fun making the dolls and "harvesting" all the fabrics and trims and all the last minute supplies. I can't wait to see them done with all their color and character.
I also made a "Friendship Doll" It is black and white with the little blank face. I made this to work on during the drive. I will be hand stitching color on it - just need something to do to pass the time.
I'll post soon so you can see the progress and outcomes of all the dolls.
Til then - happy crafting!