Saturday, September 14, 2013

test again


not sure if this is working - I have tried for months to post photos and am having a terrible time with blogger since the last big update- I will keep trying - not sure if the image even uploaded - will see when this posts...

Monday, April 22, 2013

Hello out there part 2

Well- the photo thing is still nto working on here - so I can only get one more uploaded- very frustrating. Anyway - yesterday I went to Columbus with some friends for a doll show. I was fortunate to find this little darling! She is a Ruby Red doll - same size as Strawberina - so now my Alice has a sister... she is really sweet.

Hello out there - part 1

I tried to post photos a couple months ago and was having trouble with it - so today I am hoping for the best! I actually have been busy creating, alone and with friends. I made this little pink healing doll - it was a tutorial on Cloth and CLay dolls - it is paper clay, and I am really happy with how she turned out. (honestly - I uploaded this phot 2x and don't know if it worked even today- if not - it is not meant to be published) I also had a commissioned elf in the colors of red, orange and yellow - so here he/she is. Not sure what the girl will name it - so not sure if it is supposed to be a boy or a girl. And then - oh my - I made this sweet Bookshelf Pixie. Allison Morano pattern. It really was not as hard as it looks and she is so darn cute - I have to take her back to work, so I can enjoy her all day! Her name is Ling-Ling. More to come...

Saturday, February 9, 2013

2 weekends of creating- part 2 of 2

Today I went to Don Drumm studio for the 1st time with a friend. I was more than plesantly surprised at how much I loved the art there. THey had great dolls there with faces made by Don Drumm. The faces are pewter. Well - the dolls we saw were pretty big - probably 20" or more in length. They were just a long shape with these great faces on them. They had a zipper in the center of their "body" and hearts were in them. Petty cool. Well this is my version of what I saw. The face I purchased is by Leandra Drumm and
was actually like an ornament - you could hang on the tree or anywhere that you can think of. Well - I made this image of a person. It is not quite done yet - but almost- I am adding a feather that is currelty drying. I added glitter and stamps to the feather. I used some Laurel Birch fabric too. It makes such a difference to use this fabric in any project. I have a few yards of her fabrics, but use them very sparingly, since you just can't get it like you used to. I love how this turned out. It is cheerful and the handwork was fun to add as well. This is almost 12" long.

2 weekends of creating part 1 of 2

I spent last weekend with a couple good friends and we all worked on the same doll. My latest obsession is queen ann style dolls. There was an article in Doll News Winter 2013 edition about Robin Thompson. Her dolls ara amazing- made of wood, like queen anns were - she had some beautiful black dolls, that really inspired me. I have always wanted to make a black doll - so this is the one I made. These are before and after photos, so you can see she is just a little muslin doll with gesso, paint and fabrics added. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her. I am making her a friend - hopefully she will be done in a couple weeks. Oh it was a great weekend and I have this lovely little girl to remind me of our special time together. The pattern we used for the doll is by Christine LeFever. She had this pattern in the PRIMS magazine-Autumn 2010 edition. I enlarged the pattern to 125% - she is still pretty little - only 10" head to toe Her dress fabric is civil war reproduction pattern.
I have all the PRIMS and they are a wealth of inspiration for me. I think I found a new path to journey on for my dolls Hope you like her.

Monday, January 21, 2013

2013 part 2 of 2

Our doll club met yesterday and we received our dolls back from the final pass of the "round robin" - remember this one - year ago (almost) she looked like this when I gave her up...... Now she has arms, is dressed, beaded, laced, and given an umbrella. I think she turned out nice. 8 people have worked on her over these months and everyone did a really nice job.

2013- part 1 of 2

It is hard to believe that we are already 3 weeks into the new year. Time is flying. I have been fortunate enough to spend the past 2 wekends with friends. We covered a notebook and then there was dollmaking. First we covered a composition notebok with scrapbook papers - I am really happy with how mine turned out. My good friends know I have an "addition" to journals and notebooks - so I loved thi
s project. The next day I had friends over and we worked on our dolls. Whatever dolls we wanted. I wanted to finish a doll I started a few years ago. It was anne hesse's garden party doll. I finally finished her today and I am thrilled with the outcome. SO happy with her - all the colors and textures are fun. I used beads from my grandmother's necklaces to make her necklaces as well.