Sunday, December 27, 2009


I FINALLY finished this mermaid. It was a commission I have had to do since September. I had asked for extra time, because I had gone to MMM and then -well I don't know about you - but when I go to those types of classes, I am fried - for a long while. So I just could not get into her. Different color request and not a velvet tail - this is the 2nd tail I made for her. I am SO happy with how she turned out. She is not pretty to me - she is lovely. I can't wait to take her into work tomorrow and give it to her. She is a little Marion Antoinette-y to me with the white hair - but that is what I had in mind all along.
It is finally snowing here - should get 3"-5" overnight. The drive into work may not be too fun - but it sure will be pretty. I love it when it snows - it is so very quiet and peaceful - everything looks so clean with the white snow.

Friday, December 11, 2009

8 girls journal

8 girls is going to do a Teesha Moore style journal. We each have to decorate the cover only. We are meeting on Sunday and will swap the books for the 1st time. We will decorate 2 pages in the book we receive. Next time we meet, we will swap again and do 2 pages in the next book, etc. I am excited to do this one - the other "girls" are very artistic and the pages should be awesome. Here is the cover of my book. We made each book the same - constructed them as Teesha Moore shows in her youtube video - so the covers have the little flap - that is where I put my name. Hope you like it - I think it is really girly - didn't intend for that, but this is how it ended up and I really think it is pretty.

Friday, December 4, 2009

funny little pin doll

Man is it ever cold - it is in the 20's and briskly cold. I like it though. Wonder if we will see snow this weekend.
Well- just before 10pm I finished my pin doll for our exchange tomorrow- I had this partially made a few years ago and added fibers, beads and sequins. I am pretty happy with it - sure is a silly and funny little person. The body is the size of a tea bag and the head is the size of a grape. I hope whoever gets it enjoys it. Hope you like it too.