Tuesday, May 24, 2011

All or Nothing and Time for Dolls round robin

I just wrote this whole thing and added a photo and it did not work! Hopefully it will not end up as a double entry when I am done.

OK - Either I post like crazy or go too long without posting at all - between my new commute to work since the move (it is longer) and my new position at work (a month ago - can you say stressful?!) I am exhausted. But now that there is actually daylight I have a little more energy and hope to work in the art room more this summer. OK - so on to the postings.

This is the 1st post of three - there are 2 more after this one. A couple weeks ago I met with 2 groups and we exchanged our round robin dolls - Time for Dolls and 8 girls. I was on a roll, and I finally finished the final project we exchanged with No Rules back in December. So that weekend I ended up with 2 new awesome dolls and a wonderful new wall hanging. It was a GOOD weekend.

The Time for Dolls round robin was fun. We had to make the doll and include the fabric and trims we wanted used on the doll. Pam did my legs - she beaded the feet - how cool are they? And she made I Dream of Jeanie pants for her. Sue had the arms and she made these cool sleeves for her. Mary had the body and used jingle bells on her skirt, so she makes noise (I love that). I did the face before I handed her off. I really like how she turned out. I added a loop on her back, so she will hand on the wall. Thanks everyone.

No Rules

Our No Rules group had ended in December. We had a project we started a year before that and finally finished for our last meeting. We had to choose a theme (mine was birds-fancy that!). We each did a quilt square - 6"x6" for each person and then exchanged them all. Here is mine all done. The top one is from Pam - she did a Teesha Moore pillow quilt, the next one is from Theresa, the next one is Mary's and mine is on the bottom. I had this stick for over a year. I had picked it up on a walk with Nellie when I was at my old apartment. I finally put this all together and it now lives in my new art room - I really like it. Thanks everyone!

8 girls dolls

A couple weeks ago the 8 girls finally got together - it has been a long time between our times together . Every one's busy with life these days. We finally did the final exchange for our round robin dolls. This time, everyone made whatever doll they wanted out of muslin. Your own pattern or a printed pattern. We each had to pick a theme for the doll. We passed the dolls and did whichever body part we wanted when we got the doll. We did our own head (if we wanted to). One was going to be hanging in an art room on a trapeze, one was about birds (mine), one was whimsical, and one was to create a character that would be in the Nightmare Before Christmas. Well - that one is a story in itself - literally. For that one, we each had to write a chapter about this character and decorate a body part. It was truly an amazing process. I was terrified, because I had to follow 2 incredible chapters. But - like I say - the planets lined up and the story and the arms turned out awesome. I think they ALL turned out AMAZING! Here are front and back for all of them and a few of mine. I did the face on mine and made a mask from scrapbook paper and wire - turned out really cool. Hope you enjoy them. What a great group of talented women we all are.... if I say so myself,,hahaha...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cage Doll

This weekend was AFIC in Columbus Ohio. I did not take classes this year - but went down for the day yesterday, with some friends. We shopped, looked at the incredible doll exhibit and saw our friends that did take classes. They all were in Leslie Molen's class. They took her cage doll class and the dolls looked amazing. I cannot wait to see them completed.

My friend and I each bought little bird cages from JoAnns a while back. I have a photo of the cage and the sewn doll parts from a couple weeks ago. Today we got together and worked on the dolls. I LOVE mine so far. It is just as I had imagined it to be. I still have to do the face and the hair - hopefully this week - but thought you may like to see what I have so far. Going to AFIC was a great hit if inspiration.....