Thursday, March 31, 2011

Coll stuff

I'm a blog addict. I admit it. I have my favorites that I check regularly. I get disappointed when they are not updated often, then I think "Hey - when was the last time I posted?!" So here I am...almost a whole month later. It has been a VERY long winter here. From what I can tell with the rest of the bloggers, if they are not cranking out the art, they are in a funk. That is where I have been. When I do make something, though, I feel SO much better. Then work, life and exhaustion get in the way and here I am again. I am thrilled that the sun is out later in the evenings now. That is wonderful. I have to say, the dark mornings are getting so old. I am looking forward to nice weather, not coats, boots, gloves, & scarves. We have had a few days like that as a tease. I know it will be here in the near future.

I have not been good about photos of items I make, so when they come back to me (round robbin dolls), I will take pictures and post them. Last time for dolls meeting, we learned how to joint the doll with dental floss and shank buttons - and you can't see them on the outside of the arms or legs. It was a really cool technique. I think it is Judy Ward's process. I just made a sample to keep and wrote the instructions right on the doll. It was really fun to write on it and i will have to think of something else to do like that.

My Mom and I went to the sewing expo last week and I spent money like I was a Rockefeller (joke I have with 8 girls). I finally broke down and bought this beautiful african basket. Just had to have it. Went to the Vogue booth and bought these silks - yes all silks. This is to make a doll for ME for a change. I want to make a Christine Shievely - type doll with them. Then I found these beautiful batiks. I LOVE batiks. They are from Sew Batik. I think they are an online store. The fabrics on the left are regulare cotton and the right are flannel. Too cool. I have more stuff but will show it after I use it in a doll. So that is is for now.

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new dollie

This is the newest Monser High ghoul I found. Her name is Ghoulia Yelps. Her parents are zombies. These are really cool and fun. Frankie and Lagoona are waving hi to her... I LOVE her glasses..... She is a bit of a nerd, which I like - her pet is an owl.

super moon

I know I am late in posting these - but time got away from me. Here are a few photos of the super moon from a couple weeks ago. The photo with the clouds and no trees, was the night before it was the largest and brightest . The other 2 photos are from that super moon night. It was super bright BOTH nights. It was a beautiful freezing cold, crisp, clear night.

I wish my digital camera took clearer photos - my "real" camera takes GREAT pictures - I need to start using that and having the film put to a disc. It is actually hard to find places to develop the film anymore.

I remember my Dad taking a roll of film in, when we were younger, and there would be chrismas, easter, and birthdays all on the same roll. It was always so fun to see them so many months after they were taken. Everything is so instant now - but oh I miss the thrill of an envelope of newly developed photos.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


The girls were admiring my Christine Shievely doll that I won at the Gala last spring. I hung her over my new desk at my new home..... we ALL love it! hahaha...

fabric beads!

Check out these beads! They are made from organza, fibers and beads. I made a bunch and sewed them together, sewed on a face bead and have a "bead guy" ! I put him in the car to have this beautiful color with me all the time. They are really fun and easy to make. I had friends over and we were making them together - so fun. Check out the blog for Alma Stoller I added on the blog list. She has tutorials on the right side of her blog - and the fabric bead tutorial will show you how to make these - Have fun....but be careful - they are addicting....