Saturday, December 9, 2017


i did not do much this year for Christmas decorations- i have my little ceramic tree out and i put out the Annalee elves - i bought the Santa this year - (yet another great deal at Tuesday Morning!) HA!

collage canvas

I made this canvas for a friend at work, who just retired. She loved Mary Englebreit an was always doing special little things for everyone. The quote was in my family home restroom for as long as i can remember. Mom got it at a craft show, so I used this in the collage. I have 3 photos- 1st one with paint & napkins (yes the collage is napkins), then with the sun - that was the feature part- then the final piece with all the stencils and paint pen, and stamping. I think it was an 8x10 canvas - it was small. I had a great time making it and have to say it was hard to give up. BUT - it is now my screensaver on my home computer- so i get to see it whenever i fire this baby up! Best place for fun napkins is Tuesday Morning- they are closing a handful of them here-sad - but they really have a nice lovely selection and very low priced.

New glue book

My friend told me about a YouTube channel for Crafty Hodges - she is so fun and has the greatest tutorial videos. You can tell she is Teesha Moore inspired- but in a lighter feel. I made this book from an old Quilting Arts Magazine. Check her out on youtube - you will not be disappointed - she is fun. I used Jane Davenport paper for the cover and Danielle Donaldson stamps on the covers and duck tape- the dog page is my favorite so far. as well. Then the inside is magazine images, scrapbook papers, collage, quotes and washi tape - really fun.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Explosion Box fun

The Bad Girlz finally were able to make our explosion boxes a couple months ago. I started this vintage one with them. This project has been on our plans for 2 years and with life as it happens - has been postponed a couple times. I had been dying to make this. Over the course of time my idea/theme of the book had changed over and over. Originally i was going to do my family with immediate family, grandparents and great grandparents. Then i thought of a teesha moore style art box, then it was jane davenport art, then back to vintage - just not my family. So this is what i ended up with. I still have to glue items in the center of the box. I will be using antique lace, buttons and stuff like that. It was SO fun to make. I loved every part of the process. I used my vintage photo copies and scrapbook papers, vintage papers, stamps, washi tape and ink. Then i had to make another one- jane davenport. Since i bought nearly all her new products i wanted to use them in the box- i used her rub on transfers, decoupage papers, stamps, and pieces from the packaging of her products. It was so fun and colorful. I just used a stamp in the center.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Alterd Blocks with the Bad Girlz

I gave each of the bad girlz a bag of 3 vintage blocks for christmas - i saw this article in a stampington and thought we should make it. So earlier this year we all did - these are my blocks - they are from an antique store- just glued different papers on them and painted the letter on the blocks - it sure was alot of fun. The others had different themes - mine is just a collection of stuff i like - Teesha Moore art, vintage & scrapbook papers. i just used my little scrap pieces from other projects.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

little folder journal

I made this from a file folder - there was an article in the Art Journaling magazine. Here is one way i used the vintage photos. I copy them, cut out and have fun.

My Vintage photo collection..before...

Here is my collection ,prior to the bad girlz day out. I have some vintage sewing machine drawers so this is how I display them at home, on my desk. The may in there is my absolute favorite picture. I don't know what it is about him - he looks right at you - and looks so kind. I call him Norman.. ha!