Thursday, March 19, 2009

Long time no post- Been SOOO busy - I took a few days off earlier this month and did lots of fun art things.
Sunday I met with the "no rules" gang and worked on a doll I had to complete for an exchanges the next day. I did not take a photo of it, but my friend will send me a copy- It was a goddess doll and I had to complete the head. Sunday night I met with other friends and Susan taught an encaustic class - you use beeswax to adhere images to a surface. the blue box with my initials and the brown box with the cemetery statues were what I made. They turned out really nice. I found the perfect spot for them in the hallway. On Monday the "8 girls" gang got together (because between the 4 of us, there are 8 girls- get it! hahaha). We make dolls of all types - not only cloth. We exchanged our goddess dolls - I received the little one with the purple mermaid tail. I really enjoy the "round robin" projects we do together. When we are done, we get a little piece of art that each of has worked on. They have great energy. We then worked on a project out of the Mixed Media Mosaic book by Laurie Mika. This is a WONDERFUL book, full of inspiration and the greatest instructions. We made little tiles out of polymer clay- some we covered in pearl ex and some we left white to paint later. I will be putting them all on the paper mache' "C" and it will live in "my happy place" (my art room) As you can see - I have alot left to do, but you can get the gist of what it will look like.
Then on Tuesday, I sewed and turned the mermaid and the Anne Hesse's doll for class. I stuffed them this week- but have so much more to do. The orange & pink doll will have the beaded face with the beads I posted around 2/14 (pink, orange, green & aqua). That class is next weekend! I am looking forward to it.
I have the little green guy here to show you the work in progress - High on Dolls (cloth doll club) had a body part challenge where we had to pick a head, body, arms & legs out of bags and put together whatever you ended up with. I dyed all my pieces green - It will be Sprout form the jolly green giant adds - I will have a photo when it is done.
And lastly - my clown. The no rules gang decided to work on a doll. Since we did not attend the Guilded Lillies meetings in Columbus for the past few months, we decided to do what they were doing- making a doll from a Cyndi Seiving pattern. This is her pattern. he will be cute when he is done- hangs on the wall.
So, you see, I have really been busy and VERY overwhelmed with all that needs completed in a very short time. I know it will get done - so I better get going -
Will post again when "something" gets finished!

So Much to Do!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

dolls on exhibit (cont.)

These dolls will be on exhibit at the Sewing Expo at the end of this month, at the IX center in Cleveland. The doll club "High on Dolls" that I belong to, has a table to exhibit our dolls. The theme of the challenge was "A doll riding a ______". These 3 will be there., The fish is a Julie McCullough pattern, the elf in the nest is a Cyndi Mahlstadt pattern that I learned in the fall at MMM, and the snowman on the goose is a patter by that I had made for my mother's birthday. I got that pattern in Holmes county (Amish country) at the best store for patterns of all types, lots of wool, primative items, etc. Just a jam packed place of fun. I think it is Country Craft Cupboard.
I made the nest for the elf to ride in and gave it wheels. He is "Taking the kids for a ride". There are eggs in the nest with him. I am really happy with how it turned out. The fish is just plain fun, I LOVE the colors., This lives in my art room and hangs in the window.
Have been busy trying to make things for clubs and challenges. I am off for the next (5) GLORIOUS days! and hope to get things done. I am booked solid with fun things to do, artsy stuff and visiting. I will post again while I am off to show you what I was able to make.

dolls on exhibit