Tuesday, January 12, 2010

8 girls

What a great time we had last night. We exchanged our journals and we did our doll mix up project. Everything turned out wonderful. The dolls were so cool. Everyone did such different things to their dolls - and when we mixed the parts all up and put together our "new" dolls - they were awesome too. Before we picked the new parts, my doll was the aqua and pink one with the colored skirt. When we finished - I now have the yellow body doll shown with them all together.
The journal pages were so amazing. I have posted the 2 pages I did for Mickey's book. I will post all the pages in my book when the project is complete - then you can see all the different techniques. They are all so talented - It is so nice to have these projects, because we get a piece of each other in everything we make. The next project is a fabric house from the Fabric Art Journal book. This is supposed to be completed in February - which means no TV for me for a while!
Hope you enjoy the photos - even though everything looks so much better in person.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

tree trimming

As much as I love this tree - it has become too much for the room - too dark for me - not enough sunlight comes in. My neighbor/friend (who gave me the tree) mentioned trimming it - so I did - I like it alot better for my room. I LOVED the shape it was - but too much for me, for now - maybe if it was summer I wouldn't mind, but for now I need light.
Also, I worked on art this week - Made a funky little doll from the December issue of Cloth Paper Scissors - really fun. Also worked on journal pages. 8 girls journal exchanges is tomorrow - we had to do 2 pages in the book we received last month - I had Mickey's book- I will post the pages and the doll after we meet tomorrow - I don't want them to see stuff until we are all together.
It has snowed her for a week straight- finally stopped yesterday and today- we had ALOT of snow - glad that is done for the moment.