Sunday, June 17, 2012

Update part 2 of 2

I have lots of photos attached -making up for such a sparce 1st 1/2 of the year postings... I was off work a month ago and planted these flowers outside. This is my 2nd summer here and I was not sure about planting flowers last year- now that I know they will be OK - I could not wait to plant them. I really missed planting flowers, because my neighbor and I did it every summer at my old apartment - she planted the herbs and I planted the flowers. We have deer and lots of wildlife here, so there were only certain flowers I could plant. I thing they are so cheerful. I also get to play in the dirt a bit and really enjoy it. I have posted some other misc photos from around here. I bought these flowers for the house too - they did not even last a week before the roses were all droopy - what a bummer - but they were pretty while they lasted. I like birds and wanted to share some of them with you. The 3 birds on top of the TV are so cool - I bought the black one at a craft show this winter and the little one in the nest was a birthday gift from my friend. I absolutely love her! Especially the teenie bow on her head - how sweet. The white one was a gift from Mickey - it was from a craft store- so cute. This is a photo of my window sill with little bird figures I have collected over the past couple years. These are only a FEW of the geese in my development and just outside the building. LOTS of babies this year. The geese in the distance are all the "singles" and they are haning out by the lake/pond. Lastly, here is a photo of "my happy plae" - not so happy right now- it is too unorganized for me, but here are my art and sewing tables and what I am working on now -finally working on dolls again. I was invited to my first Hitty party. It is next weekend. We had to make (10) favots for the Hittys and bging a gift to exchange. I cannot post what I made, yet, but will next week. I want to bring my camera ant photo the dolls and the gifts. I will post over the upcoming weekend. Th is deer was literally feet away from me, but when I got the camera she started to walk away - it was amazing to be so close to it. There is an apple tree just to the left of our door and she was eating the apples on the ground. I am so glad I made the move out here - it took a while to get used to the area, but I am grateful every day when I come home to this lovely place.

Update part 1 of 2

Oh Look at her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I won an Ebay bid on this precious Strawberina doll last week. She came in the mail on Thursday. I am IN LOVE with this sweet little doll! Several of my friends have one and I have been obsessed with getting one. I even bought clothes for her a month ago, or so. I bought another outfit and shoes a couple weeks ago, knowing I was eventually getting one. Oh how I LOVE a little red head dollie. She is just so cute, I cant even stand it. This is the outfit I bought for her from ebay a month ago. She is making friends with the other dollies and birdies in the house. Now I just need more clothes! hahahaha... Heck - she will be dressed better than me when all is said and done!