Saturday, April 25, 2009


He's done!! How cute is he? It turned out pretty cute- it is Sprout from the Green Giant ads. This is the body part exchange doll I had to complete for High on Dolls. It was due the beginning of this month- a little late, but I will take it into the club in June. I even put leaves on "under" his "outfit"! He was really fun to make. Went to Columbus with Pam for Guilded Lillies meeting. Was so nice to see everyone again. There were visitors from Australia. Suzi McMahon brought her dolls - AMAZING. They are in town for AFIC which starts next week. I am not going to that doll event. I am going to MMM in the fall instead.
I finished the Light doll I needed to make for "8 Girls". It is due on Monday - I cannot post a photo until we meet - want it to be a surprise. I can't wait to see what everyone else made. I know they will be amazing.
Well - 2 items done on my list - hope to get back to the grind next week, and crank out some more completed projects....
Until then - happy crafting!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

She's Done!!!!

JUST finished this mermaid. It is for someone at work. I had such a hard time with this one for some reason. Also, she has ALOT of attitude and things just did not go smoothly. I am very happy with her though. You can't tell in the photos, the color seemed to change with the flash -her hair is a dark bright purple and her tail is a dark green velvet. Her top is this great trim I got from Quilters Fancy at the sewing expo last weekend.
Met with No Rules today and Teresa taught us how to do ribbon embroidery. The rose, which I love, was SO simple to do- I guarantee you will see ribbon embroidered roses sometime in the near future on work I do. They were awesome.
Anne Hesse came to Cleveland last weekend and taught a wonderful class to our doll club- High on Dolls. We learned the Garden Party doll with beaded face and wonderful fibers for hair. I can't wait to finish that. I had to complete this mermaid before I did ANYTHING for myself - so now I can get going with fun for me. It was a GREAT fun weekend with LOTS of laughs and lots of inspiration.
I hope to have new completed items posted in the near future.