Sunday, August 26, 2012

Amazing Weekend - part 2

I bought this cute little bird from Small Studio. The owners make them. I love my birds and OMG - I LOVE maps on stuff - so this is perfect! My dollie gots some new dresses last weekend too....This is her new summer dress.... Oh she is too cute.. So tomorrow is back to reality - have to work to play - until I win the lottery! (someday....a girl can dream.)


Oh my goodness - what a weekend this was. A chance of a lifetime - I took a class from Teesha Moore AND from Tracy Moore! I was a star stuck, I must admit. I have admired her work for a few years and just could not believe I met her! AND learned from her! Small Studio in Westlake, OH hosted the classes. Teesha is so cool in person. So down to earth and honest. Her journals in person are unbelieveable. You can literally feel the energy on her pages - all good energy. The colors and the details are so very much better in person. I took her painting class on Friday. I don't have much to show for a full day class - but I did learn ALOT from her. These are the "exercises" were were taught. Pretty cool to collage then paint over it and leave just portions of it to show. Mine need ALOT of work - but I have a good start. I am glad I have done her style before, so now I have new layers to work with. Tracy's class was a journal class - I can't post that page- too personal - but I do have his handout posted - you can see his work on that. Really really detailed. In person they will blow your mind - so very fine in detail. He is such a gentle soul - just as doen to earth and honest as Teesha - what an amazing couple they are.

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Wow, did I score some beautiful stuff! I borrowerd my father's garmin and headed south east to a couple great shops. It was a beautiful day - with an "over the river and through the woods" kind of a drive. Country roads for miles, Amish areas and REALLY old houses to admire & dream about. I have a couple classes coming up and needed to get some special bits for them. Christine Shively and Barbara Willis are coming up for classes this fall. Two of my favorite designers. I won't use all this on the dolls- but will use some - the trims, silks and hand dyed silk velvets were great - awesome threads to embroider with too. Then found hand dyed wools and some great cotton fabrics with words on them. OMG - I LOVE fabric with writing and words - one of them is even in french! Not sure what I will do with it all - but I jut HAD to have it!!! I want to do something different in my living room - robin egg blues, light aqua taupe grey and brown. It seems mellow to me and I need a change. So maybe pillow covers & oh- a doll or something! Not enough time to make everything in my head- you know what I mean? Hopefully this winter when work slows down, I can work on more art. That's the game plan, anyawy.

little elf

I finally finished and mailed this little guy to my niece. She graduated in May and now lives in FL. I thought this could keep her company. It is the Barbara Willis Florabunda pattern. I added the hat & wings - then it took on a strong resemblence to a flying monkey! (but a sweet one) Good thing the Wizard of Oz is my niece's favorite movie! hahahaha