Sunday, October 30, 2011

felted vessel and little dollie

Friday night I took a class to make a felted vessel. It was a wonderful evening and the teacher, Michele, was great. The class included everything you needed to make this - All I had to bring was a couple towels and a pair of scissors. So nice not to have to run around and buy all the supplies. There were 7 of us alot of familiar faces and a couple new people. Everyone's piece turned out so amazing. I did not have my camera, so when I get a photo from a friend, I will post that too. (all the vessels are in their photos). Mine went in such a totally different direction than I had planned - Everyone else's was full of color - and I went neutral - with the surprise of bright yellow on the inside. I am going to bead and stitch with hand dyed threads to give it the color. It was a great time.
Then today I was with my mom and saw this little Blythe doll at Aldi's, of all places, and she bought it for me. If you remember little kiddles when we were kids, she is a little bigger than that- still pretty darn tiny though. I love her sun glasses with the flowers! What a riot.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Good Day Off

Monday I was off for Columbus Day. My friend came over and we spent a great relaxing day together. We spent the day working on this book. She taught me how to make it and she made one too (the cover anyway). It was alot of fun- we used packing tapes, duck tape and glues. I enjoyed the day - thanks Pam!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

my little troll .....

Here is my sweet little troll. I met with friends to work on dolls and I was able to put her together today - I still have to add her tail and add some details to her, but, I couldn't wait to share her. She is too cute for words. I just love her - I am going to make her a dollie to hold - when this is all done - I will post, yet another, photo of her - in a few weeks....
Tomorrow I am taking a mannequin collage class with a crazy fun group of friends. It is an all day affair and we will have a great time and take home a new project. I have been so busy these last few weeks with so much to do and art/dolls to make. I will welcome a boring weekend! hahahaha - you know how it is - all or nothing when it comes to a social life! The best thing is all the great time with friends and family lately - It fills my heart.


I went to the Cleveland Doll Club Luncheon last weekend. It is their big annual event. The theme was Paris. Robert Tonner was there and we each received an Ellowyne Wilde doll that was specially designed just for this club! It was my first experience with this doll world so new to me. It is an addiction I really do not need to acquire. The dolls are beautiful. He presented a fun program and he signed each of our dolls. He has a great sense of humor and appears to really enjoy his life in the doll world. There were several of the Ellowyne Wilde dolls there - all kinds of awesome dolls to drool over. I did also buy this little Marie Osmond doll - I am going to apply to the club and they bring their travel dolls to meetings and events - so this will be my little travel doll. Oh what am I getting myself into?????