Sunday, April 25, 2010

HOUSES part 1 of 3

8 Girls met on Friday and we exchanged our house parts and sewed them together. They turned out so wonderful. The thing I like the best about our art is that even though we all have our own style, our projects ALWAYS look great when they are all mixed up and put together. We had a great time. I have photos of the houses BEFORE they were split up, so you can see what was created by (1) person at a time. The 1st 2 photos are 2 of the houses NOT split up yet. I did not put mine up, since it is already in the blog at a prior date. When putting this post together - I realized I did not have a photo of Mickey's house before the split. I feel terrible about that. Mickey's pieces are dimensional - they are painted and have a shimmer/sparkle effect on them. The 2 pieces I got of her house were the moon piece on my roof and the butterfly/caterpillar peak piece. You will see it when you scroll down.
The rest of the photos are (3) of the houses AFTER we split them up. The house I have is in part 3 of 3 below. They really are amazing - hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

HOUSES part 2 of 3

These are all the sides of my house sewn together.

HOUSES - part 3 of 3

Here are the pieces of the house that chose me (because even though we blindly picked them out of the bag - they really chose us) and the inside of mine all put together- they all open up at the roof - reminds me of an old recipe box. Here are all the houses put together - we took a front and back photo of them. They all turned out so cool - I just love them.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

What I've been up to part 1....

Well......................I finished my FIRST original doll tonight! I don't know what to call it - "dude with horns" will have to do for now. It took a long time but I am pretty happy with how it turned out. It is just what I had in my head - so pretty cool that it is "real" now. It is just muslin- painted over and over and over... I hate all the repetition -but it turned out nice. The detail is with an art marker. He is floppy which is cool - when you pick it up his arms and legs flop. I love a doll that has movement.
THEN - I finished my very own Hitty. I just think these little dolls are too cool. There is a great story behind them - check out the website: and They are usually carved out of wood, some with cloth. They cost a fortune, even on ebay - but they sure are sweet. A friend of mine has a real one and it is lovely. This was a free pattern at the website above. I just have to make the clothes. I had to put pants on her, but she has socks and shoes painted on her as well. She too is made out of muslin and painted. I sure am happy with how she turned out too. Wow! 2 dolls just for ME for a change! I LOVE IT! Hope you enjoy....
Oh yeah - check out this site: It is wonderful and has tutorials, and tons of members with so much talent. I started the Gritty Jane doll, but still have to sculpt her face. Really a treat for the eyes and the imagination. I have so many projects going - I have Art ADD! hahaha..

What I've been up to.....part 2

I have a few journal pages that I had done for the 8 girls. Also have the fabric house pieces completed. We are meeting in a couple weeks to exchange pieces and then put the house together. It will be so amazing when this happens. We will each put in a roof piece, then all pull one out of the bag - so we may not even get out pieces. There are 7 pieces, 2 roof, to sides, 2 peaks and 1 "basement". I will post the exchanged house when that happens. The journal pages were fun - not for my personal book but for 2 of the members of 8 girls. These sure are fun to do. Hail to Teesha Moore! hahaha...