Saturday, April 28, 2012


Ta-DAH!!!! I FINALLY finished a doll! This is for my uncle. It is the Barbara Willis pattern Florabunda, with a hat instead of the flower petals on the pattern. His hat and shoes are made from grey wool and the hat trim is brown boa. I love soft fluffy feathers on dolls, they move with the air in the room. I used a verigated pearl cotton to do some straight sitching on the hat. The 2 buttons on his chest and the one on his hat are from my grandmother's button tin. He will like that. Oh- I just couldn't pass up the Monster High doll - this is Draculaura. Don't you just love her little outfit? The websites and blogs, on the side bar, have been updated with lots of awesome things, so enjoy!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I am still here! I keep changing the blog and think this will be good for a while. Now All I have to do is ACTUALLY post to the blog...... I have been in a funk this year. Nothing bad or wrong really, just really blocked. I have made 1 doll this year - ONE and it is not even done! I have to start the thing over because the nose did not turn out. SO frustrating. I watch you-tube videos all the time - do I go into the art room and do stuff? NO! I don't know what the deal is. I see from all by blog hopping that there are a handful of people i follow who have also been in a funk - so it kind of helps to know that even professional artists go thru this too - for long periods of time, like me. I hope to have items to post this weekend - perhaps an almost finished doll, possibly a blue sky, leaves, geese, something.... I will make a point of it, so you will know I am still here and kickin'!