Sunday, June 18, 2017

Alterd Blocks with the Bad Girlz

I gave each of the bad girlz a bag of 3 vintage blocks for christmas - i saw this article in a stampington and thought we should make it. So earlier this year we all did - these are my blocks - they are from an antique store- just glued different papers on them and painted the letter on the blocks - it sure was alot of fun. The others had different themes - mine is just a collection of stuff i like - Teesha Moore art, vintage & scrapbook papers. i just used my little scrap pieces from other projects.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

little folder journal

I made this from a file folder - there was an article in the Art Journaling magazine. Here is one way i used the vintage photos. I copy them, cut out and have fun.

My Vintage photo collection..before...

Here is my collection ,prior to the bad girlz day out. I have some vintage sewing machine drawers so this is how I display them at home, on my desk. The may in there is my absolute favorite picture. I don't know what it is about him - he looks right at you - and looks so kind. I call him Norman.. ha!

Vintage photo haul

The bad girlz went antiquing and shopping a few weeks ago and i scored this great collection of vintage photos. I get lost in the idea of who they were, what they did, where their decedents are now... There is nothing like them. Most are on heavy cards so they also feel good in your hand. I did find some handsome men. I am drawn to the ladies because of their hair, clothes, etc - and some of the men look a little mean - so i liked these small photos with the dapper guys...

Sunday, June 4, 2017

going to paper

I have changed direction and started more art journaling, painting, mixed media, collage. I do still love a needle pulling thread. There is nothing like that feeling and action to calm one. I do enjoy that still - but have dived into the paper world and loving it. I have also been on a mission to pick up the amazing vintage photos I find at antique malls, flea markets etc and have acquired quite a collection. I use the in these art journal pages. I love the vintage with the current colors and art.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Oh WOW - it worked!

How cool! OK here goes - the photos on the prior post are my dollie i made in Feb this year. My friend and I went away for a few days - packed the card FULL of art supplies, and doll supplies and created for a few days - it was great. This doll pattern was in the last Art Doll Quarterly. Christine Shiveley-Benjamin is my FAVORITE cloth doll maker. I have taken a few of her classes and i am still in awe to see how she creates. This little doll is only 6 1/2" tall. The head is so tiny but was pretty cool when i finished. I have attached both my friend's and my dollies here- front and back. One of the photos in the prior post shows what I brought for us to use - fabrics, trims, hair, etc. I did use an antique hankie for her bustle in the back and antique buttons on her back and her waist. The hair is lamb purchased years ago from AFIC. The main fabric is upholstery fabric and the laces are vintage as well.

let's see if this will work

I want to try to upload a photo and see how this goes.....