Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back from MMM

I have the MMM dolls attached - they are all still a work in progress - but not too much to finish most of them. It was an amazing experience to learn from these 3 doll maker/artists. Arley was wonderful and I learned SO much about costuming - Pam was good, but it really was a 2 day class - we worked on that elf/sprite for a couple hours the night before the class, all day in class and a couple hours the following night after classes - but her techniques are something else! I MUST practice this until I get it right - really cool. Allison was a great teacher too -the princess needs alot of work yet - but will be beautiful when she is done. Colleen Babcock taught a face class - that is the little "stump" person- she is a GREAT teacher and I can only hope that I can take a full doll class with her some day - she makes darling little people.
I am so glad I took this week off too, so I can try to finish up these dolls - Heck - I still have one from last year's MMM that I never finished - I hope that will be done for Halloween too -she was a great witch. I will be back when more is done- hope you like what I have so far.


Pam R said...

Oh, so awesome! Can't wait to see them in person.


Enchanted Doll Maker said...

Wow Carolyn, those look awesome. Now I'm really sad I didn't go with you!! Can't wait to see your dolls and hear all about MM&M.