Monday, February 15, 2010

the planets are in line - part 1

I have another entry for today below this one, but I had too many photos, so I have 2 entries.
I forgot to mention - Mobius is a birch tree and the initials "carved" in the heart on him are my parents' initials. I really like that idea.
Yesterday No Rules met and we made this birds nest from wire - it is in the Somerset Home - volume 4 2009 book. I think it was in the late fall - there are candle sticks on the front. There are TONS of awesome projects in this book. The nest should have fibers hanging from the bottom - but for now I want it hanging in the tree. The fibers would be just too entertaining for my cat Olivia, so for now no fibers. I added (3) moonstone beads as eggs inside the nest. I bought last year at a bead show, because I just HAD to have them...They look really neat in there and the light makes them glow a really cool blue.
8 girls has a couple projects going and I have alot done so far - but cannot post them until we have our swaps - 2 more journal pages and we are making a fabric journal house - from the book "Fabric Art Journals" by Pam Sussman. Awesome things to do in there. It is really a fun project to do. We will complete all the pieces and again - put every one's in a bag (fr example, all roof pieces, then all sides) and pick like we did the little dolls - these are going to be amazing when they are done. I will post my completed pieces, after we swap - along with the new pieces I will have picked.
So much for now - better get back into my happy place while the planets are in line....maybe just maybe I can finish Fiero! He is still sitting on my tv with no shoes and his hair pinned to his head (poor baby).

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Enchanted Doll Maker said...

Your nest looks great hanging in the tree. I love how you used the beads to look like eggs. Very nice.