Tuesday, May 24, 2011

All or Nothing and Time for Dolls round robin

I just wrote this whole thing and added a photo and it did not work! Hopefully it will not end up as a double entry when I am done.

OK - Either I post like crazy or go too long without posting at all - between my new commute to work since the move (it is longer) and my new position at work (a month ago - can you say stressful?!) I am exhausted. But now that there is actually daylight I have a little more energy and hope to work in the art room more this summer. OK - so on to the postings.

This is the 1st post of three - there are 2 more after this one. A couple weeks ago I met with 2 groups and we exchanged our round robin dolls - Time for Dolls and 8 girls. I was on a roll, and I finally finished the final project we exchanged with No Rules back in December. So that weekend I ended up with 2 new awesome dolls and a wonderful new wall hanging. It was a GOOD weekend.

The Time for Dolls round robin was fun. We had to make the doll and include the fabric and trims we wanted used on the doll. Pam did my legs - she beaded the feet - how cool are they? And she made I Dream of Jeanie pants for her. Sue had the arms and she made these cool sleeves for her. Mary had the body and used jingle bells on her skirt, so she makes noise (I love that). I did the face before I handed her off. I really like how she turned out. I added a loop on her back, so she will hand on the wall. Thanks everyone.

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