Sunday, August 7, 2011

I graduated today! - tee hee

It has been a fun and busy weekend. Yesterday a few of us met and worked on dolls, for the day. Such a nice day with friends. Then today, I became a proud graduate from "The Chicago School of Fusing". I took a class from Laura Wasilowski in Peninsula, OH. It was the Tiny Homes and Gardens class. Here is the quilt top I made today. The size right now is about 13"x11". It is nowhere near being done - I have to do all the handwork and the binding. Right now it is all fused - yep her quilts are all fused, then hand embroidering for details. My mom and I went to her lecture at the Lake Farmpark Quilt Show a few years ago and I have been following her blog ever since. (Artfabrik- see on my list of blogs). Laura dies all the fabrics and fibers for the quilts. Her work is colorful and joyful. These are Art Quilts - It is so freeing to make a quilt without all the measuring and precise-ness of conventional quilting. I LOVE conventional quilts, but cannot do the exact sewing, "piecing, etc. I was fortunate to take this class with (3) friends today too - which made it that much more fun.

If you EVER have the opportunity to take a class from Laura, try to do it. Laura is a great teacher, shares alot of information and is very entertaining too.

I am "art-ed" out....lots of creating for 2 whole days - and back to work tomorrow...... oh well - if I want to have the fun, I "gotta make the donuts".....

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Pam R said...

I love your quiltie! It is just so happy!