Thursday, April 26, 2012

I am still here! I keep changing the blog and think this will be good for a while. Now All I have to do is ACTUALLY post to the blog...... I have been in a funk this year. Nothing bad or wrong really, just really blocked. I have made 1 doll this year - ONE and it is not even done! I have to start the thing over because the nose did not turn out. SO frustrating. I watch you-tube videos all the time - do I go into the art room and do stuff? NO! I don't know what the deal is. I see from all by blog hopping that there are a handful of people i follow who have also been in a funk - so it kind of helps to know that even professional artists go thru this too - for long periods of time, like me. I hope to have items to post this weekend - perhaps an almost finished doll, possibly a blue sky, leaves, geese, something.... I will make a point of it, so you will know I am still here and kickin'!

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Pam R said...

I love the new color and font.