Sunday, June 17, 2012

Update part 1 of 2

Oh Look at her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I won an Ebay bid on this precious Strawberina doll last week. She came in the mail on Thursday. I am IN LOVE with this sweet little doll! Several of my friends have one and I have been obsessed with getting one. I even bought clothes for her a month ago, or so. I bought another outfit and shoes a couple weeks ago, knowing I was eventually getting one. Oh how I LOVE a little red head dollie. She is just so cute, I cant even stand it. This is the outfit I bought for her from ebay a month ago. She is making friends with the other dollies and birdies in the house. Now I just need more clothes! hahahaha... Heck - she will be dressed better than me when all is said and done!

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