Thursday, March 19, 2009

Long time no post- Been SOOO busy - I took a few days off earlier this month and did lots of fun art things.
Sunday I met with the "no rules" gang and worked on a doll I had to complete for an exchanges the next day. I did not take a photo of it, but my friend will send me a copy- It was a goddess doll and I had to complete the head. Sunday night I met with other friends and Susan taught an encaustic class - you use beeswax to adhere images to a surface. the blue box with my initials and the brown box with the cemetery statues were what I made. They turned out really nice. I found the perfect spot for them in the hallway. On Monday the "8 girls" gang got together (because between the 4 of us, there are 8 girls- get it! hahaha). We make dolls of all types - not only cloth. We exchanged our goddess dolls - I received the little one with the purple mermaid tail. I really enjoy the "round robin" projects we do together. When we are done, we get a little piece of art that each of has worked on. They have great energy. We then worked on a project out of the Mixed Media Mosaic book by Laurie Mika. This is a WONDERFUL book, full of inspiration and the greatest instructions. We made little tiles out of polymer clay- some we covered in pearl ex and some we left white to paint later. I will be putting them all on the paper mache' "C" and it will live in "my happy place" (my art room) As you can see - I have alot left to do, but you can get the gist of what it will look like.
Then on Tuesday, I sewed and turned the mermaid and the Anne Hesse's doll for class. I stuffed them this week- but have so much more to do. The orange & pink doll will have the beaded face with the beads I posted around 2/14 (pink, orange, green & aqua). That class is next weekend! I am looking forward to it.
I have the little green guy here to show you the work in progress - High on Dolls (cloth doll club) had a body part challenge where we had to pick a head, body, arms & legs out of bags and put together whatever you ended up with. I dyed all my pieces green - It will be Sprout form the jolly green giant adds - I will have a photo when it is done.
And lastly - my clown. The no rules gang decided to work on a doll. Since we did not attend the Guilded Lillies meetings in Columbus for the past few months, we decided to do what they were doing- making a doll from a Cyndi Seiving pattern. This is her pattern. he will be cute when he is done- hangs on the wall.
So, you see, I have really been busy and VERY overwhelmed with all that needs completed in a very short time. I know it will get done - so I better get going -
Will post again when "something" gets finished!

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