Sunday, April 5, 2009

She's Done!!!!

JUST finished this mermaid. It is for someone at work. I had such a hard time with this one for some reason. Also, she has ALOT of attitude and things just did not go smoothly. I am very happy with her though. You can't tell in the photos, the color seemed to change with the flash -her hair is a dark bright purple and her tail is a dark green velvet. Her top is this great trim I got from Quilters Fancy at the sewing expo last weekend.
Met with No Rules today and Teresa taught us how to do ribbon embroidery. The rose, which I love, was SO simple to do- I guarantee you will see ribbon embroidered roses sometime in the near future on work I do. They were awesome.
Anne Hesse came to Cleveland last weekend and taught a wonderful class to our doll club- High on Dolls. We learned the Garden Party doll with beaded face and wonderful fibers for hair. I can't wait to finish that. I had to complete this mermaid before I did ANYTHING for myself - so now I can get going with fun for me. It was a GREAT fun weekend with LOTS of laughs and lots of inspiration.
I hope to have new completed items posted in the near future.

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