Saturday, July 18, 2009

Yes I am still here.....

So sorry for the MONTHS since my last post - I feel like I am in confession! hahaha....
Have actually made alot of art- but cannot post it until July & Aug when the big exchanges are done. NO RULES had a Christmas in July - We each picked a name and did not tell anyone who we had. It had to be a secret until the big day - which was last week, Sunday. I had picked Pam and made her the new Barbara Willis doll - Chelsea. I used light blue dupioni silk and chocolate brown dress fabric with some lighter brown cotton prints. She is just dripping in lace - too cool. She turned out really nice. Clothing on the dolls is the hardest part for me, and this one was a real challenge to say the least - but I did it! It was not too hard to give her up, since I am at Pam's at least 1x per month and if I 'really" wanted to visit with her I could! hahaha... Mary got my name and made me Olive - she is this funny grandma in a bathing suit. Her swim bag has the following- sanwich, cupcake, grape juice, beach ball, book and a gun! hahaha - she said she should be packin; heat! What a riot! We all had a good laugh over her. Pam picked Teresa and made her a really neat heart doll. Teresa is a collector of hearts and everything she makes has a heart on it somewhere. This doll is all collaged on the front. It is a cool art doll. Teresa picked Mary and made her this sweet little girl with the cupcake. Except for the head, the rest of the doll is all her design, clothes and all -she is really an amazing dollmaker too. We had such a great day - Oh- and Teresa made us each a cupcake pincushion! too cute. They are so colorful and happy looking.
I have also posted (1) page from a journal exchange we are also doing. I just can't stand not to put something on here without it. We all had to pick colors and each of us has to do 2 pages for each person- the colors were - Teresa / Green; Pam / Yellow & blow; Mary/ Turquoise; and I had pink & orange (my new favorite color combo this year). I have posted one of my pages so you can see what I did. I have been really hooked on Teesha Moore's blog and website. Pam introduced this to me a few months ago. Her use of colors, shapes and textures are really cool - plus she uses alot of pink & orange!
Hope you enjoy the photos - I will have more in the near future.

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