Saturday, May 2, 2009

8 girls

Here are the dolls completed for the 8 girls"challenge" We each had to make a doll and incorporate the light globe from a ceiling fan. We all had the same one to use - They all turned out really neat. Mine is the blue one holding the jester stick. I mounted it all on a crystal candle stick. The sitting in front of mine is Kelly's - she beaded the face and head and added fibers to the head, arms & legs - so cool and she painted the light and applied a purple faux leather to it and made it into a drum! Mickey's is next to her- so cute- little beachy lady- wearing a thong. She is funny - as wide as she is tall - and her light looked like water. Kathy's is on the right (pink and orange). Hers is a fairy and the light is her wings! Amazing - she drilled holed into the light and sewed it to the doll's back. She beaded the doll all over, wrists, ankles, shoes, ribbin skirt, etc. and hung this in the family room of their home. I can't wait to see where it "lives". Everyone was so creative - really a great group of friends. Our next challenge is to make a character from a children's book. Gonna be a tough one, but I am sure will be a great learning experience.
Went to AFIC today for the day- what an amazing collection of art! The gallery with all the challenge dolls and just exhibit dolls, was something else. There is so much talent out there that you don't even know about until you go to something like this. It was wonderful and I am so inspired to start my next doll.
I have been working on the journal pages for the No Rules group but cannot post them until we exchange them all in August. We cannot let anyone see each other's work until the big exchange. I will post my work after we do that.
We are going to do an altered Barbie project next - should be interesting!

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