Sunday, January 10, 2010

tree trimming

As much as I love this tree - it has become too much for the room - too dark for me - not enough sunlight comes in. My neighbor/friend (who gave me the tree) mentioned trimming it - so I did - I like it alot better for my room. I LOVED the shape it was - but too much for me, for now - maybe if it was summer I wouldn't mind, but for now I need light.
Also, I worked on art this week - Made a funky little doll from the December issue of Cloth Paper Scissors - really fun. Also worked on journal pages. 8 girls journal exchanges is tomorrow - we had to do 2 pages in the book we received last month - I had Mickey's book- I will post the pages and the doll after we meet tomorrow - I don't want them to see stuff until we are all together.
It has snowed her for a week straight- finally stopped yesterday and today- we had ALOT of snow - glad that is done for the moment.

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