Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hello out there......

Hi there -
Hope you have not given up on me - although I couldn't blame you if you did. I know it has been a very long time since my last post. In the end of Sept, my computer died. I was without a computer for a long time. What an adjustment that was. I am on the internet alot and it was a difficult change. I moved in November and a couple weeks later, I finally got a new computer. I am still looking for my camera cable, so I can upload photos. I am glad to have moved. I am now only 2 miles from my parents, instead of 1/2 hour away. They did not need me to move here - I did. I just wanted to be closer. I am SO glad that I made the move. I am in a MUCH more modern apartment - I have always loved the old buildings with all their charm - but with that you get funky neighborhoods and shady neighbors. I am glad to be here with all the amenities of the 21st century! A dishwasher, garbage disposal, and the best of all - washer and dryer IN MY UNIT! This is the 1st time in my adult life I do not have to save quarters for laundry. It is such a luxury having my very own washer and dryer.
My girls Cloe, Olivia, and Nellie (2 cats & a dog) have all adjusted very well to the move. I hung pictures all over the place today, so it looks more like home. I have a huge art room with lots of light. I am now on the 2nd floor and feel safe here. The grounds here are very park-like, with a "lake/pond", woods, and paths all over the place. I can't wait to see what it will be like when the snow goes away. I have been here several times since spring checking the place out - but to live here and not be so limited to walking areas will be nice.
It seems this has been SUCH a long January to me. I don't know why - it just does. We have had alot of snow and as nice and "clean" as it looks - it is never ending. Another storm is on the way for tomorrow evening. Oh well - it is January - Winter - and northeastern Ohio after all.
I will post photos when I find the darn cable.... Don't give up on me. I have some cool things to share with you.


Pam R said...

The winters here are brutal to me. I hope that your new place will bring you the peace and happiness you seek.

Spirit of Clay said... are ALWAYS worth the wait my friend! Love ya