Thursday, March 31, 2011

super moon

I know I am late in posting these - but time got away from me. Here are a few photos of the super moon from a couple weeks ago. The photo with the clouds and no trees, was the night before it was the largest and brightest . The other 2 photos are from that super moon night. It was super bright BOTH nights. It was a beautiful freezing cold, crisp, clear night.

I wish my digital camera took clearer photos - my "real" camera takes GREAT pictures - I need to start using that and having the film put to a disc. It is actually hard to find places to develop the film anymore.

I remember my Dad taking a roll of film in, when we were younger, and there would be chrismas, easter, and birthdays all on the same roll. It was always so fun to see them so many months after they were taken. Everything is so instant now - but oh I miss the thrill of an envelope of newly developed photos.

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