Thursday, March 31, 2011

Coll stuff

I'm a blog addict. I admit it. I have my favorites that I check regularly. I get disappointed when they are not updated often, then I think "Hey - when was the last time I posted?!" So here I am...almost a whole month later. It has been a VERY long winter here. From what I can tell with the rest of the bloggers, if they are not cranking out the art, they are in a funk. That is where I have been. When I do make something, though, I feel SO much better. Then work, life and exhaustion get in the way and here I am again. I am thrilled that the sun is out later in the evenings now. That is wonderful. I have to say, the dark mornings are getting so old. I am looking forward to nice weather, not coats, boots, gloves, & scarves. We have had a few days like that as a tease. I know it will be here in the near future.

I have not been good about photos of items I make, so when they come back to me (round robbin dolls), I will take pictures and post them. Last time for dolls meeting, we learned how to joint the doll with dental floss and shank buttons - and you can't see them on the outside of the arms or legs. It was a really cool technique. I think it is Judy Ward's process. I just made a sample to keep and wrote the instructions right on the doll. It was really fun to write on it and i will have to think of something else to do like that.

My Mom and I went to the sewing expo last week and I spent money like I was a Rockefeller (joke I have with 8 girls). I finally broke down and bought this beautiful african basket. Just had to have it. Went to the Vogue booth and bought these silks - yes all silks. This is to make a doll for ME for a change. I want to make a Christine Shievely - type doll with them. Then I found these beautiful batiks. I LOVE batiks. They are from Sew Batik. I think they are an online store. The fabrics on the left are regulare cotton and the right are flannel. Too cool. I have more stuff but will show it after I use it in a doll. So that is is for now.

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Pam R said...

I like how you wrote the directions on the doll. The Sewing Expo was a disappointment this year. Lots of missing vendors. You got a lot of nice silks. I couldn't find a thing I liked at Vogue.