Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hitty has a new dress!

OMG - My friend made my Hitty the sweetest outfit! I loaned her my doll as a sample, because she was making one for herself. I am still not too comfortable making clothes, and my little girl has been standing in the art room in her bloomers for over a year. We were with friends a couple weeks ago and she set her in front of me at the table. I was so thrilled, touched, thankful - This is one of the most special things I have ever received. She has lace and a snap on her bloomers, the dress and the apron are just darling. I think the sweetest thing is that our dollies now have matching outfits! She made the same for her Hitty. I just love it. Theresa, thank you so very much.

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flyingbeader said...

So cute. I can't make clothes very well either. I have some nekkid kids too in my studio!