Saturday, April 16, 2011

a body part kinda day

The planets lined up again - I have been wanting to make a doll - so today I sewed up 3 dolls! I am making a birdcage doll with a friend in a couple weeks- so that is started. I can't wait to see this done -

I have wanted to make the Barbara Schoenoff Queen Anne Style doll for a long time and finally got her sewed up - I am getting together with another friend and we are making her. Then there is Christine Shievely - my favorite - and I am making this just because - not sure what colors or anything - it is a collage doll- painting the doll and stuff - should be interesting.

I made the little rag dolly for another doll to hold. I received a children's book "Fanny", by Hollie Hobby (I had her books, doll, figurine, when I was a kid) , for Christmas from a friend and this is the little girl's doll. I am going to make the Colleen Babcock Finders Keepers doll into the little girl. She has been hanging out with no clothes and just batting for an outfit - for a LONG time. I cannot wait to see how she looks holding her dolly.... I LOVE dolls holding a doll - just too cute.

I have 1 more doll to make - a goth doll and she will hold little "dude with horns" dolly! I really can't wait to see that either.

Tomorrow my mom and I are taking a beaded cuff class. I am looking forward to this - I have been trying to find a class for this since Christmas of 2009!!!! Hard to find a class, and teacher who is affordable and in the state of Ohio!

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