Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cage doll done!

I finished the cage doll today. The jury is still out for her face- I need to leave her alone for a while and see if it is going to remain as is. She turned out so sad, not the look I was going for. But - any doll maker will say that the doll tells you what she wants to be - so this just may be the way she wants to be! I sewed buttons around her waist- some antique some new. The hair is felted and sewn on her head. Her crown is a trim I bought at Hobby Lobby a few years ago at MMM in Kentucky. She has fresh water pearls for ear rings. The inside of the cage has scrapbook paper on the bottom that I stitched to the cage with embroidery floss. The heart is from a Santos site I found on the Internet. It is like a Christmas tree ornament. It is glass and has beautiful etched designs on it.

Now on to the next project!

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Enchanted Doll Maker said...

Carolyn, I think she came out beautiful. I am shocked that there aren't any birds in the cage or on the doll. I thought for sure she would have birds, nevertheless she is beautiful and the heart is gorgeous. Love her.