Sunday, June 12, 2011

busy weekend

This was a very busy weekend and a nice one too. Yesterday I took my mom out for her birthday gift to Sanctuary on Green. It is a neat old house filled with European gifts and a wonderful tea studio. If you ever are in the area of South Euclid OH (suburb of Cleveland), it would be worth you time, and money. It is not cheap - but it was a beautiful experience. We ate outside on the patio and you are in the trees. The food is all VERY natural and gluten free and vegan. They do have chicken salad, but were out of it yesterday. SEVERAL teas if you are into that sort of thing, and wonderful coffee. It was such a lovely day. We also went to J Ellen quilt shop on Mayfield, in Lyndhurst, (near the tea studio). It is a fairly new shop I think a year old. She has lovely fabrics. I had sewn the Queen Ann prim doll of Barbara Schoenoff's and originally wanted to use some nice rose civil war fabrics I had - but I do not have enough and cannot find it up here - I had purchased it in Columbus. I was so lucky to find something better at J Ellens and it was only $4 a yard! It is a line she is fading out and I LOVE what I got- MUCH more antique looking like I wanted it to be.

This morning I went to JoAnn's for (2) things......and came home with alot more - but check out this cool felt.... it is the kind you buy by the square. There are some other cool prints too - but this one caught my eye. Then today I went to Coventry with my friend - got the coolest ring at Passport to Peru - great clothes and all kinds of cool stuff there. It is a gift for myself to celebrate my new job.

Oh- and one more very cool thing - My sketchbook came in the mail last week! I am really excited about this. It is called The Sketchbook Project. You send $25 and receive this book in the mail - it is bar coded on the back with your name and the theme noted on the sticker. They have themes on the website you can choose from - mine is Tree house. You complete the book and send it back by January 31, 2012 (not that far away really). It will become a permanent piece in the Brooklyn Art Library. The books will travel to several museums in the country and people will be picking up the books and looking at them. I think it is so cool that people I do not even know will the handling my art; not to mention my work will be in a museum... OMG! I will post photos as the pages are completed. I will make a color copy of my book before mailing it off, because I will never see it again. I really am thrilled about this project. You should give it a try! Go to and check it out.

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Enchanted Doll Maker said...

Hey Carolyn,
Sounds like it was a fabulous weekend. Love the fabrics from JEllen and the felt from JoAnn's is soooo cool, love it. And.. I love your ring, can't wait to see it! Congrats on the job promotion. But boy, you are really going to rock the art workbook, what a wonderful opportunity, can't wait to see that too. My sister is coming next month the Sanctuary on the Green sounds like a perfect place to take her.