Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hitty party

A couple weeks ago I went to the Hitty Party. It was such a nice day. These are the photos of all the dolls that were there. Funny - most of the people also have a Strawberina (or 2) and they were also all invited. There was a gift exchange for the Hitty's and the theme was Rodeo Drive. People sure were creative with their gifts for Hitty. I made fancy hats for the dolls- They are the little black felt hats from the craft store with layers of gesso, paint and hard coat mod podge. I then glued a beaded trim, feathers and rhinestones to each. We all received hats, a crown, a treasure chest with a necklace (that Strawberina took!), and other treasures inside, maps of Rodeo Dr, Teenie Tiny perfume bottle with box, keychain, book, suitcase (made from felt), purse, tiny couture shopping bags, a book... and check out the sweet owl & snail ny friend made for her strawberine - too cute! LOVE "all the pretty colors" !!!
and a wonderful altoid tin about Hitty with a cool paper doll of her too. The funniest item was an antique nut bowl (California land of nuts!hahaha) I have photos of all the Hitty's and the Strawberina's - how sweet they all are.


Enchanted Doll Maker said...

Just adorable!

Pam R said...

I love the last one with the owl softies and her owl dress.