Sunday, July 8, 2012

Strawberina's new dresser

I won this sweet dresser on ebay for my Strawberina. I wanted a vintage type doll dresser for her clothes and shoes. This came on Friday and I love it. It is a little bigger than I expected but I love the decals. They remind me of what was on our family crib when I was little. I had bid on another dresser thinking I would be out-bid within the 4 days left - well - found out on Friday that I won that one too! OMG! So a new one will be here later this week. Another vintage one, but plain and darker wood - will show you that when it comes in. Problem is - now I have to buy clothes to fill the drawers! OH NO! Oh I just love this little doll! These 2 little dollies have become fast friends and hang out together all the time. Do you love these little bunnies they have? They are those little Japanese erasers - just the right size!

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