Monday, April 22, 2013

Hello out there - part 1

I tried to post photos a couple months ago and was having trouble with it - so today I am hoping for the best! I actually have been busy creating, alone and with friends. I made this little pink healing doll - it was a tutorial on Cloth and CLay dolls - it is paper clay, and I am really happy with how she turned out. (honestly - I uploaded this phot 2x and don't know if it worked even today- if not - it is not meant to be published) I also had a commissioned elf in the colors of red, orange and yellow - so here he/she is. Not sure what the girl will name it - so not sure if it is supposed to be a boy or a girl. And then - oh my - I made this sweet Bookshelf Pixie. Allison Morano pattern. It really was not as hard as it looks and she is so darn cute - I have to take her back to work, so I can enjoy her all day! Her name is Ling-Ling. More to come...

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