Saturday, February 9, 2013

2 weekends of creating- part 2 of 2

Today I went to Don Drumm studio for the 1st time with a friend. I was more than plesantly surprised at how much I loved the art there. THey had great dolls there with faces made by Don Drumm. The faces are pewter. Well - the dolls we saw were pretty big - probably 20" or more in length. They were just a long shape with these great faces on them. They had a zipper in the center of their "body" and hearts were in them. Petty cool. Well this is my version of what I saw. The face I purchased is by Leandra Drumm and
was actually like an ornament - you could hang on the tree or anywhere that you can think of. Well - I made this image of a person. It is not quite done yet - but almost- I am adding a feather that is currelty drying. I added glitter and stamps to the feather. I used some Laurel Birch fabric too. It makes such a difference to use this fabric in any project. I have a few yards of her fabrics, but use them very sparingly, since you just can't get it like you used to. I love how this turned out. It is cheerful and the handwork was fun to add as well. This is almost 12" long.

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Pam R said...

I love this! The colors are so happy. Please post a picture when you finish it.