Saturday, April 10, 2010

What I've been up to.....part 2

I have a few journal pages that I had done for the 8 girls. Also have the fabric house pieces completed. We are meeting in a couple weeks to exchange pieces and then put the house together. It will be so amazing when this happens. We will each put in a roof piece, then all pull one out of the bag - so we may not even get out pieces. There are 7 pieces, 2 roof, to sides, 2 peaks and 1 "basement". I will post the exchanged house when that happens. The journal pages were fun - not for my personal book but for 2 of the members of 8 girls. These sure are fun to do. Hail to Teesha Moore! hahaha...

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Pam R said...

Great journal pages!

The fabric art is outrageous! Yum, with the colors!