Saturday, October 1, 2011


I went to the Cleveland Doll Club Luncheon last weekend. It is their big annual event. The theme was Paris. Robert Tonner was there and we each received an Ellowyne Wilde doll that was specially designed just for this club! It was my first experience with this doll world so new to me. It is an addiction I really do not need to acquire. The dolls are beautiful. He presented a fun program and he signed each of our dolls. He has a great sense of humor and appears to really enjoy his life in the doll world. There were several of the Ellowyne Wilde dolls there - all kinds of awesome dolls to drool over. I did also buy this little Marie Osmond doll - I am going to apply to the club and they bring their travel dolls to meetings and events - so this will be my little travel doll. Oh what am I getting myself into?????

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flyingbeader said...

Wait! You guys have Tonner come in? I want to talk to you more about that. I think the Lilies might want to met this man. I have one of his dolls that I won in a raffle & love it.