Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

This is a long one......
Long time again since my last post. Hard to believe we have had our 2 summer American holidays already! It will be fall in no time.... I have been busy - taken doll classes and met with my many clubs and friends since my last post.
Tonight I finished my doll for No Rules. This will be our 2nd annual Christmas in July, and we exchange a doll. We pick the names at the beginning of the year and we keep it a secret until that day we give our doll to that person. I LOVE my doll - I cannot post it until after we exchange, but I have to say - it is really cool..... So hopefully next weekend I will post the doll I gave up and the doll I received... I can't wait to see who has me and what I end up with! We are also going to do a funky little doll swap like I did with 8 girls. Mine is done and ready to go - actually I made one and fell in love with her - so I made another one to swap. The one I kept is at work - a photo I need to take! I can't post the one I made to swap, until we all do that, too. So many surprises!

I went to the Doll Gala in May and took 2 doll classes. It was in Punderson State Park in Ohio - what a wonderful place this was. So pretty and MUCH better accommodations compared to where this was held in the past. I had a WONDERFUL time with Theresa, Kathy and Michele - we all roomed together and took some classes together too. I was fortunate enough to take a class from Christine Sheively - AMAZING artist - just wonderful. I also was lucky enough to take a class from Leslie Molen. Her dolls are sweet - She very much admires Asian influence and it is in most of her dolls. She is a very good teacher as well. I have the dolls from these classes posted - the Kitty was Leslie's class. I still have to make a black cat, then they will match my girls, Cloe and Olivia. I also have the Christine Sheively doll - she will be a woman from India - The cool thing is she is standing on her own - NO ARMATURE! Really cool way of putting a doll together. She has lots of interesting ideas and techniques. I bought a kit at the gala from a great wool vendor - it is this green bird - supposed to be a scissor fob, but too cute to take it out of the house and chance losing it! BUT I have to say - the most exciting thing about that whole weekend is that I won a Christine Sheively doll in the raffle! I could not believe it! It is sweet- it has the bird mask on it. This is a small doll - so much detail. I just can't describe how amazing it is to see her work in person.

I have completed journal pages for 8 girls and forgot to photograph them - so I will have them posted in a couple weeks. We meet in a week.

I guess that wraps it up! Lots more to do..... Hope you enjoy what is left of the holiday weekend.

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