Thursday, February 24, 2011

monster high

Meet Laguna Blue and Frankie Stein. OMG -have you seen these dolls? They are too cool - they are little bjd-type dolls. I HAD to have them after one of the 8 girls got some. Here they are checking out the compter and hanging out for a night of girl talk. Frankie has a little dog creature named Watzit and Lagoona has a pet piranha named Neptuna. They are really fun, colorful and delicate. I have not bought a doll from a store in years and years - it was so fun to find them yesterday - at KMart! yep! KMart! I think they may visit the blog on occasion - in the mean time - I just wanted to show them off.... feel like a kid again. Funny - I used to "play" with dolls alot - I have been "making" them for so long - I forgot what it was like to play like that.

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Enchanted Doll Maker said...

Carolyn, how fun are they???? They have such attitude, did you teach them that? So cute!!