Thursday, February 17, 2011

what i'm up to - part 3 of 3

OK - here is the last part with photos of latest projects. 8 girls has been up to lots - we picked names and had to make an angel for that person. Any type of angel that pertained to that person. I made the purple one. My friend loves purple, so that is where the color is from - the wings are made of window screen -pretty cool. There are 4 layers cut and sewed to her. I stitched thru her and attached with the fancy buttons. I love her - she is small about 11-12 inces tall. I received the coolest one- the blue assembledge angel. How cool is this?! I think it is awesome. LOVE the dominoes and scrabble letters - there are watch parts, springs and an old ruler (that part is on the back). Love the optical lenses too. There is a photo of all 4 angels - they all turned out so amazing - and you can totally tell who made which one. Funny how we all have our individual styles. I love them.
We all took a class last year with Ingrid Dijkers- thru the rabbit hole. It was a wood covered book with holes cut out of each page gradually getting smaller - as to looking down a hole. We made our own versions = they are about 5'x9". We received a list of prompts from Ingrid and we are choosing 2 for each month. We decorate front & back of each page. They are all very different (styles, artwork etc). I love the old watch face and dial I glued to mine. Scrapbook paper, stamps and decorative tape pull mine all together. Pretty cool...
Hope you enjoyed the photos and catching up- hope to have more for you in the near future.

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