Saturday, August 23, 2014

2014- more books

We made a couple more of these great books. In doll club, we made a book and I chose to make mine with Queene Ann dolls- my latest obsession. I found out about these dolls in a magazine we get thru doll club called Doll News. The 1st edition I received was Winter 2013 and there was an amazing article about Robin Thompson. I was hooked. The black doll I made that year was inspired by this article as well.(see prior post-Feb 9,2013). I also used photos from the Spring 2014 edition of the same magazine. There was a lovely article about Christine Crocker - her dolls are sweet too. Unless I win the lottery I will not own a real Queene Ann and to own one of the hand made dolls in these magazines would be a very special piece of art, to say the least. So I used their photos in the book - this one has more lace and buttons on the pages, but oh yes washi tape too! haha.

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