Saturday, August 23, 2014

the box, Agnes & orchids

Heck- I forgot to write about that box in the last photo- This is a wine box- wooden- you buy at the craft store. We are having a class this fall to make a box for our little BJD dollie. It will be scrap book paper on the outside and part of the inside- The doll will set in a fabric covered section, held with ribbons. OH I cannot wait to do this. I will make one for Alice 1st- then for my Asian doll, I will use origami papers to decorate hers. I will post the photos when they are done. I took a class at Small Studio this summer from Lynne Parrella. I have always admired her work. The class was called Type Face. The letters are blank wood and chip board letters from the craft store. We were to bring 2 faces to make 2 canvases in class. I brought my grandmothers- one was a wedding photo from the early 1920's and the other was an engagement photo from the 1930's. I only finished one - this is my father's mother's wedding photo. I am so happy with how it turned out. Her name was Agnes - hence all the "A"'s on the piece. Lynne was by far the best non-doll teacher I have ever had. She was just a joy and I am grateful to have had the chance to learn from her. These are my orchids. My mom died in January and the one with the flowers has been blooming since mid January - no lie. The other one lost it's flowers in July and now has 2 - yes 2 stems of buds coming up. It is unbelievable that they have bloomed so long. They usually last a couple months - but this is truly a miracle. Whenever my mom & I would buy orchids and the blooms were done on her plant- she did have the patience to wait for over a year to bloom. So I took the plant home and when it started to get a stem for a bloom, the plant went back to her to enjoy. It was a joke with us really - so it is so special that they have bloomed all year. There - that should be all the postings for a little while - now that I figured this out - I will post more often. Thanks for stopping by.

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