Saturday, August 23, 2014

fall 2013 projects

In the fall, I made this doll - I found a doll i LOVED in Sew Somerset- Summer 2013 edition. There is a doll in here by Linda Trenholm. Mine is very similar in the colors and shapes. Mine is taller, but it sure was fun and easy to make. There was not a pattern in the book, but it was simple enough to figure out on my own. I bought the knitted shoes at a craft show a couple years ago- knowing someday the perfect doll would come around for them! It was a nice weekend doll to make. Then the Bad Girlz had a class at Small Studio and we made this little stage. Mine is pretty small - about 6"x6" at it's tallest and widest points. This is the steam punk stage. There are a few styles to choose from. The clock face & gears were part of the kit. You can get these at small studio. It is covered in scrapbook papers and washi tape- LOVE that tape. No 2 sides of the box have the same paper.

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